Maintenance Services

Our team is dedicated to the safe and cost effective maintenance of industrial assets. Our servicies include;

We also supply and maintain the following engineering products: compressors, blowers, water & wastewater equipment.

Specialist Services

Condition monitoring

Bespoke machining & Fabrications

predictive maintenance

Unplanned downtime costs money and reputations. We measure key parameters like vibration and temperature to more accurately predict maintenance requirements, allowing time to plan for a shutdown.

Hazardous Area Working

The FIN team is highly experienced in working on:

  • Planned Maintenance and Renewals Shutdowns

    With often only very short windows in production to take advantage of, precise coordination with clients, contractors, safety specialists and suppliers is essential. We have been entrusted for many years by blue chip manufacturing companies to carry out critical planned preventive maintenance, upgrade and renewal works. With a focus on planning and safety, we prepare detailed Risk Assessments and Method Statements well in advance and ensure all equipment is fully certified for safe and effective site operations.

Rapid Response Service Fleet

We have a fleet of fully equipped service vehicles for fast and efficient response to your site maintenance requirements. Our service vehicles carry fully certified safety equipment, lifting gear, specialist tools and hygiene facilities for safe site working.

Framework provider to Northern Ireland water

FIN Maintenance is a provider to Northern Ireland Water for the Mechanical Installation and Repair of water and wastewater assets across the whole of the country. Our locally based crews can respond to high priority call-outs within 2-hours anywhere in Northern Ireland.

Compressors, Blowers And Screens

At FIN our team can:

Compressed Air Equipment

FIN can provide a full range of compressed air equipment to match you compressed air service requirements.

Our installation team will install compressors, refrigerant dryers, desiccant dryers, air receivers, pressure reducing stations, ancillary equipment and complete piping distribution systems to your production points of use.

Compressors, receiver and dryers can be supplied as a complete skid mounted package preassembled and pre-tested for fast site hook-up and compressed air ON.

Compressor Skid Mounted Package

Pre-assembled skid mounted compressed air package comprising BOGE rotary screw compressors with VSDs, integral refrigerant dryers, air receiver, desiccant dryers and associated piping supplied with a 5-Year Warranty. The compressor skid was installed to replace existing equipment during a one hour shutdown window – faster, safer, better!

Did you know...that reducing the operating pressure of a compressor by 1bar can save some 6% in energy costs! As part of our plant optimisation service we will determine the optimum pressures to generate, distribute and use compressed air depending on you specific production requirements.

blowers hire for same day delivery

FIN can provide Aerzen blowers on HIRE. Aerzen blower packages are available at FIN’s Belfast depot for same day delivery. The blowers are oil free with single unit volume flow rate up to 5400m3/h and up to 1000mbar overpressure.

For flowrates greater than 5400m3/h multiple blowers can be supplied. The blower packages are supplied with variable speed drives to adjust to site requirements. The FIN team along with Aerzen International Rental can prepare contingency plans for the rapid installation and hook-up of hire blowers for strategically important sites to ensure compliance.


Blower units
(Pressure increase up to 3.500 mbar)

Download .pdf

2 stage compressor units
(Pressure increase 3500 to 10.500 mbar)

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Compressor units
(Pressure increase up to 3.500 mbar)

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We can design, pre-fabricate, pre-assemble, fabricate and machine off-site 24/7 in our Belfast based workshop. With our team of coded welders, fabricators and machinists, we have the flexibility to produce bespoke components or fix problems faster. Our team is particularly experienced in the production of high quality:

  • Mild steel or stainless steel walkways
  • Stainless steel structures specifically for the water and waste water industries
  • Tanks and vessels
  • Production machinery refurbs, upgrades and modifications


Even with the most rigorous planned preventative maintenance regimes, failures and unplanned outages will still occur. In such time-critical situations it is simply not feasible to wait a number of weeks for OEM parts. Our well-equipped machine shop can manufacture the most complex of parts/assemblies in a fraction of the time required to obtain OEM parts, and help bring your production back on line in the shortest time possible.

Our Machine Shop has a wide range of equipment including;

  • Turning – short and long bed lathes
  • Milling – multi-axis milling
  • Drilling – vertical pillar drills
  • Sawing – twin pillar bandsaws
  • Broaching – slotting for internal keyways/square holes
  • Hydraulic Presses – up to 100 tonne
  • Metalworker – 80 tonne twin station
  • Shotblaster – enclosed
  • Welding – MIG, TIG and MMA machines