Water & Wastewater

  • Raw Water Inlet Pump Repair
  • Water Pumping Station, N. Ireland

This local Water Treatment Works (WTW) supplies water to 20,000 people in the surrounding area. The raw water inlet to the WTW comes from a nearby Pumping Station.

Failure of one of the main pumps at the pumping station left only one pump running without any backup. Failure of the second pump would have resulted in an emergency situation, leaving large areas of the County without mains water.

The situation became more serious as a new pump was on a 5-month lead time and parts to repair the damaged pump were on a 12–16 week lead time. A temporary pump was also not an option as the original pumps were bespoke to the site. Therefore, a rapid response from FIN was critical to ensure that the site’s capacity was restored as soon as possible. The breakdown was afforded ‘red alert’ status, with the damaged pump being immediately removed back to our workshop.

Here, new parts were machined in accordance with the original specification and tolerances, and the pump was rebuilt. The pump was reinstalled in full working order at the Pumping Station within 10 days. Leslie Young, regional field manager, stated;

“FIN really pulled out all the stops for this one and avoided what would have been a genuine emergency situation. I have to commend them for their rapid response and workmanship in the very quick turnaround of what was a badly damaged pump”