• FIN Maintenance Limited is an indigenous Northern Ireland company providing Industrial Maintenance and Engineering Services to both the public and private sector. The FIN brand has long been synonymous with engineering excellence, and through our links with Robert Craigs, Nucap Services and Capper Pipe Service we have a strong engineering heritage spanning the last half-century.

    Collectively our workforce has accumulated over 1,000 years of industrial maintenance and mechanical engineering installation experience. FIN offers a single source of industrial maintenance and engineering services to clients throughout the water & wastewater, manufacturing, petrochemical, food & drink and pharma sectors. The company has offices and machining / fabrication facilities on the Saintfield Road, a main arterial route to Belfast.

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industrial maintenance

With the cost to operate an asset throughout its life cycle far exceeding its capital purchase price it is no wonder that clients demand a high level of professionalism, skill and experience from their maintenance providers. Maintenance is our core business and our people and processes are all focused on delivering a fast and cost effective service to our customers in the water & wastewater, manufacturing, petrochemical, food & drink and pharma sectors. where uptime and compliance are critical all day every day.

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industrial piping & engineering

The experience, fast response and excellent safety record of the FIN team is well known to our clients and has led to repeat business over two decades. We are experienced in all aspects of engineering construction including fabrication and erection of process and utility pipework and ductwork, downtaking of redundant installations, heavy lifts, offloading and positioning of process equipment. Our coded welders are world-class having built their reputation working to demanding standards with a broad range of materials from stainless steel to chromoly.

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technology & optimisation

Maintaining and improving your business effectiveness is essential for success and the application of our specialist technology and knowledge can help you achieve that. From condition monoitoring of your assets to enable predictive maintenance to be delivered at the optimum time, to datalogging and analysis of process systems to optimise capital equipment selection, our specialist technicians add value and improve your bottom line.

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health & safety & compliance

At FIN Maintenance we consider the health, safety and welfare of our staff to be our top priority which is why we operate a zero incident policy. This is supported by a comprehensive training programme, tool box talks and safety bulletins.

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