Wet Well Entry

Our maintenance personnel have Confined Space Training and are experienced in entry into wet wells to carry out inspections, maintenance and upgrade works.

Job specific detailed risk assessments and method statements are prepared including communications protocol and rescue plans. Our safety equipment includes: PPE Safety harnesses, lanyards, Safety cages, Gas monitors (O2, CO, LEL, H2SO4) Breathing air escape sets, Intrinsically safe lighting, Intrinsically safe radio communications and Cantilevered edge protection in accordance with BS EN13374

Lone Worker System

At FIN we have an outsourced Lone Worker System which provides speed dial panic alarm and allows our employees to set alarm times in advance. In the event of an alarm our emergency contacts are immediately informed and can access voice message and location information to direct an emergency response.

Clients can be confident that when a FIN employee is working alone on site they are compliant with Lone Worker policy. Our crews regularly test the system and reports of all text and voice alarm settings and tests are available for compliance audit.

safety bulletins
& tool box talks

Communication is key to keeping health and safety at the fore on all our projects. FIN regularly issues safety bulletins to all our employees on key safety issues and to advise of incidents that have occurred across the globe. Tool box talks are held to reinforce information in the Safety Bulletins.

ISO Accreditations

At FIN Maintenance we operate an accredited Integrated Management System (IMS) which ensures we meet the requirements ISO 9001 Quality Management, ISO 14001 Environmental Management and ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety Management. Our IMS is regularly audited by BM Trada, and our clients, and is continuously developing in order to best support our business operations and meet our client’s requirements


Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe that contributing to the economic, environmental and social well-being of the communities where we live and work is not only our responsibility but our duty. As a company with strong values, we are committed to doing business in an ethical manner.

By supporting other SMEs, employing local people and investing in communities, we enhance our local economy, whilst the essential services we deliver help to facilitate vital value adding activities.