Plant Optimisation

Optimum plant selection to reduce Life Cycle Costs Too often services equipment e.g. boilers, chillers, compressors are replaced size-for size without taking the opportunity to measure and analyse system performance and so optimise selection of new equipment.

Our engineers will measure, record, analyse plant performance and recommend optimum plant selection to reduce life cycle costs.

Our team will measure flow, temperature, pressure and use data-logging and analysis tools to optimise plant selection.

Asset Data

Knowledge is the key to cost savings. our professional engineering team can gather asset data, input to our computerised maintenance management system and establish optimum maintenance routines for you plant and equipment. Asset data and maintenance history is then available for planning, renewals, fast access to information for critical repairs.

vibration monitoring

Our engineers can carry out vibration measurements using portable equipment for comparisons with ISO10816-3 or offer fixed vibration monitoring systems with alarms for condition monitoring.

We can provide accurate vibration and temperature measurements including, RMS, peak, peak-peak, crest factor and bearing conditions.